5 Places to Get Free Ecommerce Templates

eCommerce has made everyone’s lives easier. Now you can order anything online be it shoes, mobiles, clothes or even groceries. The reason eCommerce is booming all over the world is because it is highly convenient. You can order anything online and compare prices of different brands without having to physically go to multiple stores.

Many startups need to setup websites with little or no investment. Such companies are looking to minimizing their costs which is why they want free templates for websites. With a free website theme, they won’t have to pay a designer and web developer to help set up the eCommerce store. A list of five websites that offer professional ecommerce templates has been given below.


Mattress has themes for eCommerce websites that are targeted to those selling furniture and similar items. Now many people are buying their household items online so many startups are considering entering this industry. Mattress has great website themes for those who are interested.


This resource has bold eCommerce templates for those products that are high end. It has templates with all the necessary features and you can customize them to design a decent webstore. You can add promotional tool bars, slideshows on the homepage and attract users with better pictures and a much more user-friendly interface.


If you need templates for websites that have a very specific category and niche such as wrist watches then you can use Watches. It is built for products that require attention to detail so the themes support high quality images. They have customizations that satisfy the requirements of all types of jewelry and luxury items.


Clothes are the most popular item category in the world of online shopping. There are many stores online that sell different types of clothes using different methods. E-shop has themes for eCommerce websites that sell clothing items online. They highlight the brand and important features of each product and use technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap. The sliders and page functions are dynamic and fresh.


For a website that sells shoes N-air is the pace to find themes. It has the zoom-in feature for product images which is very important to customers as they want to know what it looks like in real life. You can promote different brands on the homepage and zoom in by rolling the cursor on a certain item.