Magento Themes and Templates to Improve Your Store

As more entrepreneurs embrace e-commerce, the online environment is quickly becoming an area where the e-commerce templates and themes for websites you use could as well result in your success or failure. Webpreneurs perfectly understand this notion, and that’s why they are keen to select the best e-commerce templates.

Magento is arguably the leading e-commerce platform that can make your online store stand out from the competition.  Webpreneurs are employing extensions and themes to get the best out of the Magento templates for websites.

Factors to consider while choosing templates for websites

There are many Magento editions available, and so, it is important to ensure that the theme you choose is compatible with the Magento edition that you intend to use otherwise it will be an effort in futility

Ensure that you get a preview of the functionality of themes for e-commerce website so that you know exactly what you’ll get. The best way is to make use of the readily available live Demo.

Another factor that you should look out for when choosing a template is the available extensions. If you are not keen and you end up purchasing a template with no extensions, you might be forced to purchase them separately and thus spend more.

Is the template scalable? Let’s face it, as your online business grows and so should your website. If you end up with a template that is nonscalable, it means that you will have to start over again which will have adverse effects on your online store.

Does the template support a responsive design? That’s another important consideration. It is a fact that majority of people are shopping online using handheld devices such as smart phones and tablets. To tap the clients, you need to have a web design that is responsive- a website that can be viewed on different devices like your desktop, laptop, smart phone, and tablets. If not, you might lose out big online demographic.

Reviews – Reviews from customers who have previously used a particular template is critical. You can quickly figure out whether the template is ideal for you instead of finding out after you have spent money and wasted valuable time.

Here are some of the leading Magento e-commerce templates that you can use

  • Electro

Electro is a multi-store template that is fully responsive. The template has great features that can make your store stand out online. Electro is easily customizable, and you can personalize it to your individual settings

  • Orson

Orson is among the great themes for e-commerce websites. It has up to 15 layouts and great extensions.  Orson is highly customizable so that you can quickly bring out your own uniqueness to be easily distinguishable online. You can opt for a fully responsive design or a mobile optimized theme.

  • Alto

Alto is another highly responsive theme that you can use to announce your online presence. Alto features great colors and is easily customizable for a broad range of brands. It is ideal for fashion brands and has more than 10 extensions to guarantee great user experience.

  • Ketty Magento 2 Beta

Ketty Magento 2 Beta is a highly responsive Magento template. It also has great features such Ajax Cart, slider and configurable switches, cross browser support as well as a great checkout.


Magento is a top-rated c with many extensions and themes available. Webpreneurs must know that to succeed online involves making the right informed decisions. The information above goes to the core of the online business as the template you choose will affect appearance and functionality of your website. If you want more, checkout Shopify‘s templates! They have really cool ones.